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Stress Busting Tips for Humans and Pets!

What is Stress? "Any intrinsic or extrinsic stimulus that evokes a biological response is known as stress" - Yaribeygi, H., Panahi, Y., Sahraei, H., Johnston, T. P., & Sahebkar, A. (2017) - so let's be realistic, everyone has stress in their lives. However, if stress is having a negative...


​How to Address Employee Skill Deficits versus Attitude Problems in Your Pet Business

As business owners we often have teams of employees working for us. We are responsible for how they perform their jobs and this is either through the delivery of skills or interactive client services. If we are to effectively supervise and coach our employees then we need to understand the...


​Five Freedoms or Seven Ponderings!

Five Freemoms or Seven Ponderings! Listen to a podcast of this text here In the past, the concept of the Five Freedoms has been considered the gold standard of animal welfare that falls under human control and has since been adopted by a number of related groups and organizations. The concept...


Walk This Way - Twenty Tips to Help You Take the Strain Out of the Leash!

Do you have a dog that pulls you along like a steam train pulling freight? If so, walks are probably pretty miserable for both of you. Walking nicely is a life skill that when missing can significantly and negatively impact the relationship you share with your dog and may result in fewer...


Defining Dominance Theory

According to DogNostics Career Center (2018), dominance theory is used within the same species to predict the winner of a conflict when fighting over a specific, context-oriented resource. Scientifically, dominance only applies to two beings of the same species, thus a human cannot be dominant...