How To Become a DogNostics Walk This Way Instructor

Pet Professionals

Register for the Comprehensive Walk This Way Instructor Program.

  • In your own time, on your own schedule, watch your Walk This Way Class lessons
  • Read the Walk This Way Instructor Manual

Please note, registration for the Walk This Way Instructor Program is not obligatory. If you have the skills and knowledge and do not require the class curriculum, you can register for this certification without registering for the program.

  • Read and sign the DogNostics Licensed Presenter Agreement 
  • Pass an open book test consisting of 20 questions
  • Submit one video for assessment
  • Receive your Walk This Way Instructor certificate and logo!

Why Become a Walk This Way Instructor?

  • Earn the right to the post-nominal title Walk This Way Instructor, DN-WTWI
  • The DogNostics Walk This Way Instructor credential is for professionals who believe there is no place for shock, choke, prong, fear or intimidation in canine training and behavior practices.
  • Gaining your DogNostics Walk This Way Instructor Certification will allow you to stand out from the crowd, showing that you have passed our eligibility requirements, demonstrating a strong knowledge and competent mechanical skills, supported by people coaching skills.
  • Earn your DogNostics Walk This Way Instructor Certification and you will receive your DogNostics Walk This Way Instructor Certificate and your DN-WTWI badge to use on your website!

*TIME LIMIT: Applicants have six months from the time of purchase, to pass the online test and submit their video assessments. Submissions after the 6-month deadline will be subject to an additional fee of $50.00

Practical skill Assessment

On passing a graded open book test consisting of 20 questions, applicant will submit one video for assessment,.

All video submissions will be made via the DogNostics Walk This Way instructor submission form.

You will receive a document giving specific details regarding your video submission requirements.

Video Assessment Policy

Please note: All video submissions should be assessment ready. (Submission One - Included in purchase price)

You will be allowed one re-submission should your assessment video not meet the requirements. (One re-submission - included in purchase price)

All further re-submissions will require an additional payment of $20.00 per submission up to a total of four submissions. (Submissions Three and Four $20.00 per submission)

IMPORTANT: We are looking for evidence that the pet happily collaborates and that there are no signs of fear, stress or anxiety. The pet is free to disengage at any time.

Take the program, qualify as a Walk This Way Instructor, and then offer the curriculum through your Group Classes, Private Lessons or Board-n-Train Programs. You can even host a workshop!

The Walk This Way Instructor Program is available as a separate product which includes:

Your 45-page Instructor Manual which includes:

  • Your group class plan complete with full introduction, 6-class schedule, knowledge sections and practical exercises
  • A bonus curriculum for a two-day workshop schedule which can be adjusted to meet your needs
  • Workshop verbiage for your attendees on safety & structure
  • 10 practical exercises with full instructions
  • 8 proofing games with full instructions 
  • 10 knowledge segments to help you improve your clients' understanding of why dogs pull and how we can prevent it
  • A section on how to market the program within your community
  • Recommended tools and equipment
  • Program advice on group size, layout and pricing
  • Graduation ceremony and certificate presentation
  • 6 x How to e-Learning videos

Your Presentation Tools:

  • A 70-minute MP4 recording of the Walk This Way Instructor Skills and Knowledge PowerPoint presentation broken down into individual lessons for you to watch at your own pace
  • A PDF copy of all the PowerPoint presentation slides

Also included in program are:

  • 2 Editable PDF Client Attendance Certificate
  • A 4-page client knowledge handout

The Following DogNostics Handouts:

  • Teaching Your Dog to ‘Let’s Go’
  • Teaching Your Dog to Stand Politely On-Leash
  • Teaching an Alert Sound

Your Program Marketing:

  • 4 Social media graphics as a PDF and JPEG

Course Curriculum

  How to Qualify
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days after you enroll
  Licensed Presenter Agreement
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days after you enroll
  Online Test
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days after you enroll
  Practical Skill Assessment
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days after you enroll

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