Program Content

Happier Healing Program Content

The Happier Healing Program includes three sections broken down into individual, easy-to-follow lessons.

SECTION ONE - The Impact of Stress

In section one of The Happier Healing Program for Pet Dog Guardians we share a short overview regarding the impact of stress on recovery rates and potential pain.

SECTION TWO - Practical Tips

  • How to correctly size an Elizabethan Collar
  • How to construct an Elizabethan Collar

SECTION THREE - How to Teach Your Dog to Happily Wear an Elizabethan Collar

  1. Through fun training games and exercises, we show you how to introduce your dog to the collar and elicit a happy emotional response.
  2. We then teach the behavior of going towards the collar and putting the collar on. Yes, our aim is that your dog will put his/her own collar on - or at least help with the process!
  3. Finally, we gradually increase the duration of wearing the collar, while having fun playing lots of different games, while relaxing, and while carrying out your pet’s usual everyday activities.

The program provides mental and physical enrichment, builds a better more trusting relationship between you and your dog, and, hopefully, between you, your dog, and your veterinarian, as well as all others who participate in your pet's care.

The Happier Healing Program will not only help condition a positive emotional response to wearing the Elizabethan collar, it could also potentially lead to a decrease in stress, and therefore, improved recuperation rates and even less pain! As well as a general happier, healthier pet!

  • You will learn how to condition a positive emotional response to an Elizabethan collar.
  • All the games and exercises make use of positive reinforcement (rewards based) training methods.
  • Dogs will enjoy tricks, their favorite manners behaviors, fun scent games, interactive feeding toys and games.
  • All exercises, activities, and games are fully explained and demonstrated.
  • A full two-week schedule is provided.
  • The schedule can be adapted to meet your individual dog's needs.
  • It is possible to work through the program in as little as a week (although we do not recommend it).
  • The program can be extended to 4-6 weeks for those dogs who need to progress a little more slowly.
  • Additional exercises are included for those wishing to extend the program.
  • If your dog already has a problematic response to the wearing of an Elizabethan Collar, we highly recommend working with a Certified Pet Dog Trainer or Behavior Consultant who can guide you through the program. This can be done in-person or virtually.
  • Written and contributed to by qualified canine training and behavior specialists, Louise Stapleton-Frappell and Niki Tudge