Puppy Essentials – Getting Started – Your Virtual or In-Person Guide

The focus of the presentation is on the procedural skills required and the critical knowledge. Stop your dog training programs falling apart at lesson 3 because owners are still struggling with procedural skills and knowledge. The following is presented with recommended homework and key points to cover. Your Best Decision, +R Rocks, “No!” isn’t a Behavior, Management for Success, You’ve Got It, Your Training Gear, The Training Steps, What Will You Name It?, Train-Test-Train, Practice Makes Perfect!

Puppy Essentials - Level 1, Your Virtual or In-Person Guide to Socialization and Early Development

The focus of the presentation is on socialization to situations, people, objects and other puppies, developing bite inhibition, preventing resource guarding and preventing separation anxiety, learning all about canine communication and working with collaborative care skills.

Puppy Essentials - Level 2, Your Virtual or In-Person Guide to 18 Skills

The focus of the presentation is on teaching the essential foundation skills that the puppy will need to be a well-mannered family member, including activities to help manage the puppy and improve the puppy-owner bond. Three skills are included in each lesson, including Focus, Name Response, Sit, Alert Sound, Come, Down, Hand Touch Game, Stand on Leash, Front, Take it, Drop. Leave it, Go in Crate, The Magic Mat, Park Your Dog, Let's Go, Close, & Walk Nicely.

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