What's Included

As professional dog trainers and behavior consultants, we know that training a dog requires a combination of knowledge and mechanical skills; after all, dog training is a hands-on project. We also recognize that there are several ways to train a dog, lots of different methods, and many conflicting and varied philosophies about how training should be approached. So, let’s learn the important concepts that can help us to help our clients in a fun and easy way.  

In this program, we will review what we believe are the Top Ten Knowledge Concepts that as professional trainers we need to transfer to our clients in support of, and as a foundation to, the key skills we teach them. We hope that you use this program to teach clients these important concepts right off the bat, we think you will find that more clients can successfully navigate your training programs as a result of this

Your program includes the following download files:

  • 10 Individual short video files
  • 1 x eBook detailing each concept. This can be used on your website or forwarded to your clients
  • 1 x PDF of the Full-color slides

Your Ten Video Files

  1. #1 Your Best Decision
  2. #2 +R Rocks
  3. #3 “No!” Isn’t a Behavior.
  4. #4 Management for Success
  5. #5 You’ve Got It
  6. #6 Your Training Gear
  7. #7 The Training Steps
  8. #8 What Will You Name It?
  9. #9 Train-Test-Train
  10. #10 Practice Makes Perfect!

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