Overview - DN-TMM

At this level, you will be expected to have mastered the art and craft of teaching and training your companion. You should have a wide repertoire of tricks and be able to teach complex concepts and behaviors. You will need to know how to use all of the training methods and be able to micro-shape, build merges and chains. You will be required to put your creative talents to the test when planning imaginative routines. We will be looking for evidence that your training companion is a willing, enthusiastic partner in the training process and that they truly understand what is being asked of them. To earn your Master Title, you will be expected to demonstrate the highest standard of training skills and all tricks will need to be of the highest quality – consistent, polished, flawless…

All TrickMeister Master Title holders will have earned the right to call themselves Masters in the art, craft and science of teaching and training companion animals! Only the very best teams will achieve the title of TrickMeister Masters!

The Apprentice and Journeyman Titles are a prerequisite for video submission to earn the TrickMeister Master Title.

You do not need to take the DogNostics Dog Trainer Certificate Program in order to submit your application to earn the Master Title. We would, however, highly recommend it!

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