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Although it is important to start socializing your dog as young as possible, it's never too late to begin!

In this Pet Dog Solutions Program, you will learn all about positive puppy socialization, and ongoing socialization for older dogs - the key to happily living in a 'Human-Centric' world!

Did you know that one of the most important things you can do for your dog is to properly socialize him? Common reasons for owner relinquishment to shelters are behavior problems which can often be prevented by proper socialization and training.

When we talk about socializing pets, it means helping them learn to be comfortable as a pet within human society - a society that includes many different types of people, environments, buildings, sights, noises, smells, animals, and other dogs.

The information provided in this easy-to-follow program will not only have a positive impact on the lives of pet dog owners and their new canine family member but will also be an invaluable resource for pet care providers and trainers, as well as for shelters and breeders, who will all be involved in ensuring a positive socialization experience for the puppies and dogs they interact with on a daily basis!

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The program content includes:

Knowledge and Skills Divided between several lessons including:

  • An Overview of Socialization - What it is & the rules for helping ensure it is a positive experience!
  • Dogs & Their Language - Learn to 'speak dog'!
  • Dogs & People - Promote positive associations and learn about generalization.
  • Situations, Surfaces, & Objects - From wobble boards, agility tunnels, & paddling pools to muzzles & Elizabethan collars; from different situations and socialization outings to home to promote more focus on you
  • Interactive Activities - Feeding toys & fun box searches!
  • Other Dogs & Play - The Importance of play, positive associations, and experiencing the world together.
  • Other Species - Promote a positive response to other animals.
  • Dogs & Their Bodies - The importance of collaborative care.
  • Dogs & Their Senses - Pre-empting noise phobias and how to condition a happy response.

Positive Handling and Care: 7 Supplementary Collaborative Care Videos

  • Engender Positive Responses
  • Establish a Dialogue
  • Emotional Responses
  • Happy Compliance
  • Hands Mean Treats
  • Name it
  • Ouchy - a Positive Response to Wound Care

Your Socialization Toolbox:

8 Essential Handouts

  • Dogs Sensitive Period's for Development & Socialization
  • Puppy Socialization & Vaccinations Go Together
  • Puppy Socialization by AVSAB
  • How to Socialize Your Puppy
  • Understand Signs of Fear, Anxiety, and Stress
  • Canine Communication Pictures
  • Consent Tests – The Three Second Rule
  • 3-Second Rule for Introducing Dogs

6 Considerate Handling Demonstration Videos – Teach Your Pet to Love Being Touched!

  • The Approach
  • Where to Touch
  • Systematic Touch
  • Chin Rest
  • Verbal Communication & Praise
  • The Environment

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Recommended Homework Activities

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Written and contributed to by qualified canine training and behavior specialists.

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Course Curriculum

  Socialization - An Overview
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  Dogs and Their Language
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  Interactive Activities
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  Other Dogs, Play, & Positive Experiences
Available in days
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  Other Species
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days after you enroll
  Dogs & Their Bodies
Available in days
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  Dogs and Their Senses
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days after you enroll
  What's Next?
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