Welcome to Pet Dog Solutions - Your Guide to Positive Socialization


Hello, thank you for making the decision to invest in your pet’s education, and welcome to your Pet Dog Solutions' Guide to Positive Socialization. We consider it an honor that you are trusting us to help guide you on this journey together.

We are going to teach you about positive puppy socialization, and ongoing socialization for older dogs - the key to living in a 'Human Centric' world!

In this course, we have broken down all the key components needed to support you in your learning, so that you and your dog have the best start in your life together, whatever his or her age!

We have divided this into multiple sections. The order in which you teach each section is your choice and will depend on your dog, their age, and your needs within your family. 

We would like to stress that even if you wish to work on improving your dog's training skills, a positive socialization program cannot wait and should be started immediately. New skill training and socialization can, however, take place at the same time! We encourage you to register for all the Pet Dog Training Solutions programs that are relevant to you and your family.

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