Your Certification Process

Your Attendance Certificate

If you complete each of the lessons and succesfully complete the lesson tests then you will receive a certificate of attendance. To become a Certified Dog Bite Prevention Educator you will need to do the following:

  1. Pass the final test, see below
  2. Submit your 2 skill videos, see below for more details
  3. Complete your signs of stress and signs of joy worksheet, see below. This is to show that you understand which communication signs mean what.

There is a form to be used for the submission of videos and your signs of stress and joy worksheets. This is the link.

Your Final Test

Below you will see the login for your final test.

  1. You will first be asked to set up an account with a user name and a password. This is because the system lets you leave the test and then log back in
  2. You will also be asked for a Test Password. This is BiteEducator
  3. You may take the test 2 times. If you fail it twice, then please email us for additional instructions.
  4. You have 90 minutes to take the test and it has 40 questions. You will receive an email within 1 hour with your score. The required pass grade is 85%.

Your Two Skill Videos

Please prepare the following videos.

  1. Video One. Prepare an approx. 30 second video of a consent test of a dog with a human. This video should be designed in a similar way to the one you watched during the presentation. The person should be sitting down and the dog is approaching. The test is completed and narrated by you showing that you know how to do a test and to interpret the communication accurately. 
  2. Video Two. Prepare an approx. 30 second video of a second consent test with a different human. This time the human should be standing. The video is completed and narrated by you showing that you know how to do a test and to interpret the communication accurately 

Video Requirments Specifications

General specifications apply to all videos submitted Please ensure the following general guidelines

1.      Each film clip must be a maximum of 1-3 minutes in duration plus 1 extra minute if required for any discussion requested. This means you have 30 seconds to show the consent test, as noted above, and then additional time to speak to what you are doing and what was the result of the test

·        You must discuss what you are doing and why

·        You will be penalized for going over the recommended time

·        A brief verbal or caption explanation of what you intend to teach/demonstrate 

·        E.g. I am going to demonstrate how to 

·         E.g. A caption tile before the film clip begins 

·        Evidence of methods presented in each video must comply with humane handling skills.

·        Videos must be uploaded to video or YouTube and be unlisted, so we can see them using the link you provide but they cannot be viewed publicly

This is the quick link to the form where you will submit these

Your Video Grading Criteria.

This file gives you an overview of the grading critera for your skill videos

Grading Criteria for the Videos.pdf

Your Written Assignments- Signs of Stress & Signs of Joy

Written assignments must be submitted in the form provided for you. Please do not submit homework in an email body. You will be asked to submit it again.

This is the form link

In the form you will be asked to identify several different pieces of canine communication from your own dog. One section details signs of joy and the other signs of stress. Indicate what body language you are observing and what this means, what is the dog communicating.    

The body language does not need to be from your videos.

 Upon Completion.

As soon as your submission has been graded you will be notified of the results.

Upon Full Completion - Join Doggone safe

When you have completed successfully this certification program you are now eligible to be a member of Doggone safe as a Dog Bite Prevention Educator.

Please contact Rebekah King who can get you the link to join.

This PDF contains all of your certification information.

Certification Requirements.pdf

Please find a complete PDF containing all your lesson handouts for you to download and review. This will be helful in planning your test

Complete Lesson Handouts.pdf
Complete and Continue