Leverage Your Passion

Hello, Niki Tudge here.

So here we are coming through a very difficult business environment and now

"More Than Ever We Need To Separate ourselves from the Competition – We Have To Become The Obvious Choice To Do Business With! 

But this program isn’t just for difficult times. One of our roles as business owners is to market our business so we can help more pets. We HAVE to accept as dog trainers or pet care professionals that we are in the marketing business delivering pet care services!

Much of the information i am covering in this program i not only learned at Business School i have also applied to real life scenarios in both large and small organizations. This program also covers and includes learnings from some of the great marketing gurus of our time.

This presentation has been influenced by the works of

Shea Ellison, Strategic Marketing Consultants, Claude Hopkins from Scientific Advertising, Michael Gerber the eMyth revisited, Richard Harshaw, Monopolize your Market place, Jay Abraham, How to get everything you can from all you have got, Jack Trout Differentiate or die, Frank Kern Internet Marketing Guru, Dan Kennedy No BS Direct Marketing, Steve Jobs Apple Founder

So yes, you can get back or get onto the right track by pausing, stepping back, refocusing, and looking for different workable solutions !

At the back end of this program I will provide some exercises for you to do that will help you take the key points and implement them into your own business 

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