Program Content

Your ten individual short video files:

Your Training Knowledge

  1. Your Best Decision
  2. +R Rocks
  3. "No!” Isn’t a Behavior.
  4. Management for Success
  5. Your Training Gear

Your Training Skills

  1. You’ve Got It
  2. The Training Steps
  3. What Will You Name It?
  4. Train-Test-Train
  5. Practice Makes Perfect!

23 additional instructional videos to help you with the key skills!

  • How to Hold a Clicker - Easy to follow demonstration!
  • Click and Treat! - 1 video demonstrating the correct order of events.
  • How to Feed a Treat - 2 short videos demonstrating how to and how not to feed a treat!
  • Click, Verbal 'Yes', & Hand Flash (for deaf dogs) - 3 short videos!
  • The Key Training Steps - 3 short videos!
  • Train-Test-Train - Easy to follow demonstration!
  • The Cue - What Will You Name it? - 5 short videos!
  • Practice and Generalize Behaviors - 7 short videos!

1 x eBook detailing each concept.

Recommended homework

Written and contributed to by qualified canine training and behavior specialists.

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