The Certification Process

Your Certification Requirements

·    Complete each module and its short self-check test. Remember, you receive the Pet First Aid Certificate with this program, and Pet First Aid is a key component of the certification requirements.

Please complete the Pet First Aid Progorm before you submit any of your videos. We provide an upload form for the Pet First Aid videos and the videos listed below

·    Complete the final certification online test with a score greater than 75 percent.

·    Provide three short videos (less than two minutes each) of the following skills:

  1. Dress a dog in a harness or lure a cat into a cat carrier and close the door. The pet should display body language signals that indicate a safe and secure feeling—a happy emotional response!
  2. Conduct a consent test with a pet of your choice. Your video clip should include narration on the process and result.
  3. Provide mental and physical enrichment for a pet via an interactive feeding or puzzle toy. The toy may be shop-bought or homemade.

When you reach the last module, you will find more details on this process and the relevant links to your examination, and a form to use to submit your videos.

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