What's Included

As professional dog trainers and behavior consultants, we know that training your dog requires a combination of knowledge and mechanical skills; after all, dog training is a hands-on project. We also recognize that there are several ways to train a dog, lots of different methods, and many conflicting and varied philosophies about how training should be approached. So, choosing your professional dog trainer is an important decision for you to make. We recommend you choose a force-free trainer, as they will not only guide you in decisions on the equipment you will need and the best way to train your four-legged family member. They will also ensure that a key factor of the training program is supporting the development of a loving and trusting relationship

In this program we cover what we believe are the Top Ten Most Commonly Asked Questions Regarding the Use of Food that as professional trainers we need to transfer to our clients in support of, and as a foundation to the key skills we teach them.


Your program includes the following download files:

·      10 x Individual short video files

·      1 x eBook detailing each concept. This can be used on your website or forwarded to your clients

·      1 x PDF of the full-color slides


Your Ten Video Files

1.    #1 What does food have to do with training?

2.    #2 Does +R training just incorporate food?

3.    #3 How does food work in dog training?

4.    #4 Why should I need to use food to train?

5.    #5 Is using food not bribery?

6.    #6 What if my dog does not like food?

7.    #7 Will I always need to use food in training?

8.    #8 Why does my dog only listen to me when I have a food?

9.    #9 Will training with food not make my dog fat?

10. #10 How should food be used in training? Our tips for success!

Bonus Video File - An Introduction for the Pet Dog Guardian.

This is a good resource to send your clients as an explanation to The Top Ten Questions Regarding the Correct Use of Food in Dog Training!

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