Part 3: More Training Games for Success

  • Dive into engaging training games that cover training Steps 6 to 10!
  • Discover the "Train-Test-Train" method for impeccable results.
  • Learn how to adapt the 10-Step training plan to tailor it to your dog's unique needs.
  • Learn how to effortlessly generalize the skill.
  • Understand how to use respondent conditioning to ensure that the verbal cue elicits a happy response!
  • Master the art of proofing your dog's response through enjoyable activities

You can embrace the complete Mp4 experience by listening to this section in one seamless session, or embark on your educational journey through our convenient bite-sized lessons.

As you delve into the video demonstrations, please remember that it's crucial to progress through the steps in sequence. By doing so, you'll pave the way to a dog that quickly and happily responds to your 'leave it' cue.

Please advance at a pace that suits your furry companion, always prioritizing their well-being.

Introduction to Part Three

Training Step 6 - Introduce the Verbal Cue

  • 3 additional training game demonstrations

Training Step 7 - Walk Past Food on a Mat

Training Step 8 - Food Between Handler & Dog

  • 1 additional training game demonstration

Training Step 9 - Drop Food from Height

  • Additional training game demonstration

Training Step 10 - Proof & Generalize

  • 2 Additional Training Games - to practice & proof the skill
  • 1 Additional cue proofing game.


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