Prerequisite Skills, Equipment, & What We Can Guarantee!

An essential training solution for all dogs - young and old!

Follow each of the steps in this course and you should soon have happy clients whose dogs amaze them with their quick, reliable, and happy response to the recall cue!

Prerequisite Skills and Training Equipment.

You/your clients will need:

  • Lots of tasty high-value treats.
  • A clicker (or you can use a verbal "yes" word)

Training Skills:

  • No previous training skills are required.

How to Progress:

  • Please advance at a rate that is appropriate for the dog that you are working with.
  • Please use the Train-Test-Train Method.
  • For maximum success, please train the skills in the order presented.


*Please note that, although via systematic training and lots of positive reinforcement, we will build a fluent response to the recall cue, we cannot and should not ever guarantee that a dog will demonstrate 100% compliance to any cue. This is an unrealistic expectation.

We must remember that behavior is a function of the environment. Dogs are not machines; they are sentient beings who have their own thoughts and emotions. Just like humans, dogs have the ability to make their own decisions, and those decisions might not always align with our desires. Sometimes a dog might not respond to a cue; sometimes there might be a delay in the response. Perhaps something in the environment is impacting the dog’s ability to respond? Perhaps the dog does not consider it safe to respond at that particular time? Perhaps the dog is aware of something that you haven’t noticed. Perhaps the dog didn’t hear you? Perhaps there is simply something much too interesting in the environment that requires the dog’s immediate attention and/or investigation. Perhaps you haven’t trained the behavior as well as you thought? Perhaps you are simply asking too much of your dog in this environment, at this stage in his/her learning and development?

What can we guarantee?

We guarantee that you would be more likely to come when called if that response had been taught systematically; in a fun way; and that all your correct responses were reinforced with something you loved!

We can also guarantee that after following all of the steps in this program, a dog will undoubtedly be happier to hear the recall cue and will be much more likely to understand what it means - "Quick, get in front of the human, something amazing is about to occur!"

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