Pet Dog Solutions - Addressing Common Problem Behaviors

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In this Pet Dog Solutions Program, we tackle the most often asked about issues, ranging from house-training problems to dogs who jump to greet; from dogs who are digging up the yard to those who don't like sharing their treasured possessions!

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This program is the perfect solution for all pet dog guardians, but also an invaluable resource for pet professionals; from trainers to shelter workers, from pet care technicians to vet techs to dog walkers, Addressing Common Problem Behaviors will help improve your life and the lives of the dogs that you care for!

We have broken down all the key components needed to support you in your learning. From easy-to-follow management strategies that you can implement immediately to training skills that will not only diminish the behaviors that you currently consider 'problematic', but will also lead to an increase in lots of wonderful behaviors that will enhance your relationship with your canine family member!

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The program content includes,

Five Problematic Behaviors & Recommended Solutions

  • House-Training - Dogs and Their Bathroom Habits: How to successfully house-train your dog!
  • Dogs & Their Stuff - Resource Guarding: How to Prevent it & What to Do If Your Dog Growls
  • Problem Digging: Management Strategies for Dogs that Love to Dig!
  • Alone Time: How to Take the Fear Out of Being Alone & Help Prevent Separation Anxiety.
  • Woof, Woof, Woof: Problematic Barking, the Causes & the Solutions!

5 Essential Training Skills to Help Solve & Pre-Empt Problematic Behaviors

- With Step-by-Step Video Instruction

  • Pick up? - Teach Your Dog a Happy Response to Being Picked Up
  • Crate Training - The Why, Why Not, & How to of Crate Training Your Dog!
  • Go to Your Place - How to Train "On Your Mat"
  • Give-Take-Exchange - How to Train "Take it" and "Drop"
  • Dogs that Jump to Greet - How to Manage & Prevent Jumping Behavior

Your Pet Dog Solutions Toolbox

10 Essential Handouts

  • The 10 Rules to Effectively & Positively House-Training Your Dog
  • Pet Dog Solutions House-Training Plan
  • Pet Dog Solutions Guide to Crate Training
  • Teaching Your Dog to Love a Crate
  • Help Prevent Separation Anxiety
  • Pick Up!
  • How to Train a Magic Mat
  • Take it & Drop
  • How to Manage & Prevent Jumping Behavior
  • How to Teach a Dog to Relax

4 Additional Handouts: AVSAB Position Statement on Dominance; PPG Position Statement on Reality-TV Dog Training; The Body Language of Fear; The Myth of the Wagging Tail.

Recommended Homework

Additional Resources, including

  • Simple Management Strategies
  • How to Teach Your Dog to Love the Vacuum!
  • How to Teach Your Dog to 'Speak' and 'Shush' on Cue
  • How to Safely Play Tug to Improve Your Dog's Impulse Control
  • Ten Steps to Promote Fear-Free Departures.
  • The Ladder of Panic
  • The Canine Ladder of Aggression,
  • Calming Music Playlist.

Your Program Attendance Certificate

Written and contributed to by qualified canine training and behavior specialists.

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Course Curriculum

  House-Training - Dogs and Their Bathroom Habits
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