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Five Problematic Behaviors & Recommended Solutions

  • House-Training - Dogs and Their Bathroom Habits: How to successfully house-train your dog!
  • Dogs & Their Stuff - Resource Guarding: How to Prevent it & What to Do If Your Dog Growls
  • Problem Digging: Management Strategies for Dogs that Love to Dig!
  • Alone Time: How to Take the Fear Out of Being Alone & Help Prevent Separation Anxiety.
  • Woof, Woof, Woof... Problematic Barking - The Causes and the Solutions!


5 Essential Training Skills to Help Solve & Pre-Empt Problematic Behaviors.

With Step-by-Step Video Instruction

  • Pick up? - Teach Your Dog a Happy Response to Being Picked Up
  • Crate Training - The Why, Why Not, & How to of Crate Training Your Dog!
  • Go to Your Place - How to Train "On Your Mat"
  • Give-Take-Exchange - How to Train "Take it" and "Drop"
  • Dogs that Jump to Greet - How to Manage & Prevent Jumping Behavior While Fulfilling Your Dog's Needs


Your Pet Dog Solutions Toolbox.

10 Essential Handouts

  • The 10 Rules to Effectively & Positively House-Training Your Dog
  • Pet Dog Solutions House-Training Plan
  • Pet Dog Solutions Guide to Crate Training
  • Teaching Your Dog to Love a Crate
  • Help Prevent Separation Anxiety
  • How to Teach a Dog to Relax
  • Pick Up!
  • How to Train a Magic Mat
  • Take it & Drop
  • How to Manage & Prevent Jumping Behavior

4 Additional Handouts: AVSAB Position Statement on Dominance; PPG Position Statement on Reality-TV Dog Training; The Body Language of Fear; The Myth of the Wagging Tail.

Additional Resources, including

  • Simple Management Strategies
  • How to Teach Your Dog to Love the Vacuum!
  • How to Teach Your Dog to ‘Speak’ and ‘Shush’ on Cue
  • How to Safely Play Tug to Improve Your Dog’s Impulse Control
  • Ten Steps to Promote Fear-Free Departures.
  • The Ladder of Panic
  • The Canine Ladder of Aggression, 
  • Calming Music Playlist.

Recommended Homework

Written and contributed to by qualified canine training and behavior specialists.

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