Welcome to Pet Dog Solutions - Addressing Common Problem Behaviors


Hello, thank you for making the decision to invest in your pet’s education, and welcome to  Pet Dog Training Solutions - Addressing Common Problem Behaviors

We consider it an honor that you are trusting us to help guide you on this journey together.

In this program, we have broken down all the key components needed to support you in your learning. We have divided this into multiple sections. The order in which you teach each section is your choice and will depend on your dog and your needs within your family. 

Although we cover the most common problem behaviors - the ones that owners ask us about on a daily basis - some of the behaviors included might not be a problem for you and your family. In fact, what one family considers a problem, another family, whose dog exhibits the same behavior, might not consider it a problem at all. Take jumping up, for example. A family with a small dog who jumps up to greet them might not view this as problematic but a family with a larger breed would undoubtedly do so.

We do, however, address all of the behaviors included, in a way that will help you improve both your training skills and your relationship with your dog. We encourage you to take advantage of all the fantastic resources and train all of the skills!

Please note that, although this is a stand-alone program, it will, undoubtedly, work best if you also implement a socialization program. Some 'problem' behaviors can occur due to a lack of positive socialization or misinterpretation of a dog's behavior. If you haven't already done so, we highly recommend you also register for Pet Dog Training Solutions - Your Guide to Positive Socialization

Do you have another problematic behavior you would like to address? Pulling on leash, and not coming when called are often high on the list. If you haven't already done so, please register for Pet Dog Training Solutions - The Essential Skills which covers:

Five Essential Foundation Skills:

  1. Clicker Games - Introduce a Behavior 'Marker & Promote Wonderful Focus on You!
  2. Name Response - How to Teach Your Dog to Happily Respond to His Name!
  3. Recall cue – Teach Your Dog to Come When Called!
  4. Sit - Teach Your Dog to Sit in Response to a Hand Signal or Verbal Cue!
  5. Down - How to Teach Your Dog to Lie Down and Settle!

Basics of Walking Nicely on Leash with FIVE key training skills:

  1. Stand on Leash - The First Step to Walking Nicely
  2. Front - Sit or Stand Opposite & Facing You.
  3. Close - Sit or Stand to Your Left Side (We discuss the right side too!)
  4. Let’s Go! - Moving Off and Changing Direction!
  5. How to Train a Positive Interrupter - An 'Alert Sound' to Get Your Dog’s Attention

Please listen to the short podcast below in which we discuss the limitations of this program.

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