How to Progress Through Your Course

Important Information:

  1. Students must progress through lectures in order.
  2. Students must view at least 90% of a video to advance. If you fast forward through a lesson or skip sections, you will not be able to proceed.
  3. Students must complete a graded quiz at the end of each module to advance.
  4. Students must click on the Complete and continue button in the upper right-hand area of the lecture page in order to progress.

How to View, Navigate, and Interact with Your Course Content:

Once you’ve logged into your course, you’ll be directed to the course’s curriculum.

In the course sidebar, you can view the following information:

  • Course Progress - This progress bar displays the percentage of the course that you have completed.
  • Class Curriculum - This displays all of the sections and lectures in the course.
  • Your Instructor - This provides the bio of your course instructor.

To Begin Your Course & Navigate Through the Modules:

Please click on the Start next lecture button at the top of the course curriculum. This will take you to the first or your next uncompleted lecture in the course.

  • If a section of your course is marked with a lock icon, then you must complete all lecture content (e.g. a video or quiz) in sequential order
  • If you do not complete a lecture video, then you’ll be unable to progress to the next lecture until you watch the entirety of the video
  • You must complete each lesson or you will not be able to advance
  • If you do not achieve a passing grade on a quiz within a set number of retakes, then you will not be able to progress to the next lecture.

Marking Your Course Progress:

  • As you progress through your lessons, please click on the Complete and Continue button to mark the lesson as complete and move on to the next lesson in the course. Afterward, you’ll see a checkmark next to the completed lesson, and your course progress percentage will increase.
  • Incomplete lessons are denoted with an empty or a partially filled-in circle.
  • Completed lessons are denoted with a checkmark.
  • You can view individual lecture progress and course progress in the course sidebar.

It’s important to note a few things as you mark your progress through a course:

  • Lessons will only be marked as complete if the Complete and continue button is clicked. If you navigate through the course by selecting individual lessons in the course sidebar, then the lessons will not be marked as complete.
  • Course progress cannot be reset, but you can still access lessons even if they are marked as complete. To do so, click on the individual lesson in the course sidebar.

Please Note:

  • Your Journeyman Level Course is comprised of 5 main modules and one supplementary module.
  • Supplementary module six provides additional learning material and gives you an additional month to complete your skill assessment videos.
  • You have six months to complete your course.

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