Trick = Behavior!

Please note that in the Apprentice level, the Journeyman level, and the Master level courses, you will sometimes hear us talk about teaching tricks. When we use the term trick, we simply mean behavior. 

  • It’s a fun name but that does not mean the behaviors are not important!
  • Referring to behaviors as tricks can help ensure the correct mindset. Training should be playful. Training should always be fun. 
  • We think you will agree that the word trick sounds more fun than the word behavior but that does not mean that skills taught in the Dog Trainer Program are in any way frivolous.
  • All the skills are included to progressively improve the training skills and knowledge of both humans and canines! 
  • Many of the behaviors you will learn are ones that are essential for 'Fostering Collaborative Care'. 
  • We also include the key skills needed in a Pet Dog Manners Class - The skills that facilitate a happy home for both pet and guardian!

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