What is The Program?

The DogNostics Dog Behavior Diploma Program

This is a 12 month study program. There are 6 modules and each module will take around 6-8 weeks to complete. Upon successful completion of the Dog Behavior Diploma Modules you will be entitled to use the DN-DBC by your name.

When DogNostics first launched its behavior program in 2014 we did not then offer an independent and separate comprehensive Dog Training Certificate, now we do! The DogNostics Dog Training Certificate is as comprehensive, if not more so, than any you will find on the market

The DogNostics Dog Trainer Certificate Program provides an all-encompassing in-depth understanding of operant and respondent conditioning, with students learning about everything from discriminative stimuli, motivating operations, setting events, and the transferal of stimulus control; to primary and secondary reinforcement consequences, protocols and schedules; to canine ethology and social behavior.  All students learn the Train-Test-Train method, as well as how to successfully implement the four key stages of learning from acquisition, to fluency, to generalization and maintenance. 

DN-DTC graduates have a comprehensive understanding of and ability to apply many training methods including luring, capturing, micro-shaping, targeting, environmental molding, social and conceptual learning. Students begin the program learning how to efficiently and effectively lure behaviors and end the program, not only having an in-depth understanding of the scientific principles involved in training, but also with the competent skills to teach complex compound behavior chains, sequences, merges, modifiers, quantifiers, comparatives and matches to sample.

At DogNostics we believe that the pet industry needs to continually move towards a higher level of professionalism. As such we do not offer short programs that certify or accredit individuals as Dog Training Professionals or Dog Behavior Consultants. We offer comprehensive programs that will ensure certificants or graduates are highly credentialed and posses the relevant level of knowledge and skills to successfully practice their craft using the latest science and research available and supported by full consumer transparency and professional ethics. 

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