Program Eligibility

The Dog Behavior Diploma program assumes the candidate has already secured a specific level of knowledge and mechanical skills prior to enrolling. Therefore, on completion of this program DogNostics is comfortable to present the Behavior Diploma to candidates who successfully complete it.

If you have not already secured the necessary skills and knowledge you may of course take the program. Should you wish to complete all the homework assignments and work towards earning the Diploma you will also have to show documented proof that you meet the preliminary skills and knowledge requirements. We will only provide the Diploma Certification to highly skilled and knowledgeable professionals.

To earn the credential, please review the three available options.

Eligibility Criteria.

Option 1 - If you feel you already have the required foundational knowledge and skills as a Dog Trainer and can provide documentation to verify this, you may join the program and upon successful completion you will earn the credential. If you are currently a PCT-A or a CPDT-KSA then we will accept these credentials as documented proof as we are familiar with the Knowledge and Skill testing procedures.

Option 2 – If you do not qualify for Option 1, then register into the program. Prior to completing the program, you can submit the documentation to show you meet the knowledge and skill requirements as in Option 1. The necessary requirements are detailed below.

Option 3 – If you do not qualify for or are an inexperienced Dog Trainer then we recommend that you sign up for and complete the DogNostics Dog Training Certificate led and mentored by Louise Stapleton-Frappell and then transition onto this program. 


Eligibility Criteria Dog Behavior Consulting.pdf
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