What is a Dog Behavior Consultant

What is a Behavior Consultant?

At DogNostics we consider a Behavior Consultant is a professional who undertakes private consultations with pets and their owners and focuses primarily on modifying behavior problems that are elicited by the animal’s emotional state in a given context (e.g. fear, anxiety). Behavior Consultants are often professional dog trainers who can competently teach pet manners classes, obedience classes, day training, private training sessions, and board and train programs that focus on pet dog skills and manners. A Behavior Consultant is aware of their limitations in terms of ability to prescribe psychotropic or any other kind of medication and diagnose illness, as well as their ethical responsibility in such cases, and can refer to a Veterinarian or Board-Certified Veterinary Behaviourist with greater academic and expansive knowledge. It is considered unethical in pet counselling for a professional to engage in any discussion regarding the diagnosis or treatment of an illness, physical or mental. Only Veterinarians or Board-Certified Veterinary Behaviorists are authorized to do this through the license and qualifications they hold.

The DogNostics Diploma offers modules that we believe, having a comprehensive Dog Training Certificate in place, are needed to supplement a Certified Dog Trainers knowledge and skills at the highest of levels. 

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